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Surf Mecca of the Central Pacific

13 Jun 2014 Posted by Kevin Baranello in Surfing

Playa Jaco is definitely the surf mecca of the Central Pacific coast. Jaco, being less than 2 hours from San Jose, is one of Costa Rica’s most visited beaches. It is over 3 miles of dark sand beach with great exposure from swells coming from…

Day-trip to Manuel Antonio

19 Feb 2014 Posted by Kevin Baranello in Hiking, Tours

Our day began at around 7am when we walked downtown to grab some pastries and empanadas for breakfast before catching the bus to Quepos. We were heading to Manuel Antonio National Park for the day. I travelled with Moe and Viola, a couple from Germany/Austria….

Hiking Jaco with Kevin

03 Feb 2014 Posted by Kevin Baranello in Hiking, Surfing, Tours

My first few days here in Jaco have been nothing short of an amazing time. Endless adventures accompanied with ample time to relax on the beach, in the surf, or by the pool. Nothing to complain about so far. I have only been here for…

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