One week in Jaco, Costa Rica!

03 Feb 2015 Posted by Ariel Shonk in Fishing, Surfing, Tours, Traveling, Zipline

When you only have one week in Jaco, Costa Rica, it’s important to plan your time well with the best activities available.  I spent a month working at Room2Board in January and had the opportunity to ask some Room2Boarders for some advice and got some great recommendations. Some of…

Ariel’s Winter Break in Jaco

30 Jan 2014 Posted by Ariel Shonk in SUP, Surfing, Tours, Zipline

Monday afternoon my flight arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica.  The last time I was here I was 11 years old and I was really excited to return.  About an hour after hopping into the taxi we arrived in Jaco, this really incredible surf town. …

Zip-line with Kristin in Jaco, Costa Rica

09 Jan 2014 Posted by Kristin Maul in Tours, Zipline

I went on the Vista Los Sueños Zip-Line Canopy tour this morning with my dad, a tour that we will offer through the hostel. We just wanted to make sure it was “safe” for future Room2Board guests. I had never been zip-lining before and didn’t…

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