Six Feet Apart

Six Feet Apart at R2B in Jaco, Costa Rica

Posted by Susan in Jaco, Traveling 25 Mar 2020

Hi all!  This is Oliva from Sweden. I am a volunteer at Room2Board Hostel and Surf School in Jaco, Costa Rica.Volunteer in Costa Rica

I wanted to let you know how we are coping with the COVID-19 situation at Room2Board in Jaco, Costa Rica.  For me, as well as for most people, this is a surrealistic situation to experience so far from my home country of Sweden. Basically, all of Europe is severely affected by the coronavirus and for some of you who are not sure whether you want to go back or stay home; this blogpost is for you.

As you probably already know it is very difficult to go home now if you are still in Costa Rica as a tourist. There are not many confirmed cases in Puntarenas, the province in which Room2Board Hostel is located, but we are following all precautionary guidelines to keep our guests and staff healthy.  We take this very seriously.

Volunteer in Costa RicaThere are currently three volunteers working.  The other three volunteers went back to their home countries and are doing well. There are a bunch of guests who have booked a long term stay here until they are able to return to their home countries.

We are following all recommended guidelines:


1. Social distancing is very important. Our pool and restaurant area are still open, but we require you to keep a fair distance to each other, the staff and other guests.
2. Wash your hands frequently. If you experience symptoms during your stay, please let us know immediately – we can quarantine you in the west wing of the hostel.
3. We are trying to put guests in different rooms to maximize everyone’s safety.
4. The beach in Jaco is  currently experiencing a lock down.
5. Many of the shops in the town are closed, however there are still restaurants and supermarkets open. Try to avoid public areas if you can though.
6. Our opening hours in the reception, the surf shop and in the restaurant/bar may vary due to the evolving situation.

Other than that, everything is just as usual here except for the severe decrease in tourism we have experienced. The yoga classes are still on and some of the staff are now staying in the hostel as well,  to avoid any potential spread. We still watch the beautiful sunset from the rooftop every night and sometimes we take a walk up to El Miro mountain. The size of the hostel allows you to have your personal space as well and there is always someone here to talk to if life in isolation gets too boring. There are plenty of games available and the happy hour deals are still on! 🙂

If you have any questions, you can reach us at

Pura Vida!

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