What’s in your Costa Rica backpack?

29 Jan 2015 Posted by Erin Madden in Traveling

Packing is the worst part of traveling in my opinion.  It’s complicated and quite frankly annoying. When traveling to Central America, you don’t need much.  You can leave all your winter clothes behind (you don’t even need a pair of pants).  Necessities include: shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, a…


17 Jan 2015 Posted by Kevin Baranello in Traveling

Hostel Fever If you didn’t know, hostel life is where it’s at. Travelers alike can agree on this one thing… Before I get too far ahead of myself, I’d like to disclaim that not all hostels are where it’s at, some are gnarly and gross….

Costa Rica’s Jungle Pathway on ATV

15 Dec 2014 Posted by Kevin Baranello in Tours

First of all, four-wheeling is a badass thing to do. Second of all, Costa Rica’s jungle is a badass place to do it. Now, I have wanted to do this tour since I arrived here in Costa Rica, but things kept getting in the way…(weather,…

Fishing on Warm Pacific Waters

18 Nov 2014 Posted by Kevin Baranello in Fishing, Tours

Fishing…. typically not my favorite pass time, but when the opportunity comes up to head out on the big blue a few miles off shore and hunt down some fish, how could I pass it up? Fishing out on warm Pacific waters had never felt so…

Backpacking in Costa Rica: The Necessities

03 Nov 2014 Posted by Leah Hendre in Traveling

You’ve booked your flights, your passport’s ready and you’ve got your backpack down from the attic. You’re about to pack everything you need for your trip to Costa Rica, but just hold on a sec, though. There’s a very high chance that whatever you’ve got…

Border Runs: Nicaragua Style

31 Aug 2014 Posted by Kevin Baranello in BorderRuns, Traveling

Border runs to Nicaragua are not uncommon in these parts for travelers looking to stay in Costa Rica for over 90 days. So I hop on the bus from Jaco to Puntarenas and then into Liberia to meet up with my buddy Chappy. First thing…

Bahia Drake: A Slice of the Rich Coast

22 Aug 2014 Posted by Kevin Baranello in Tours, Traveling

About a three hour drive south of here, on the only road that leads south on this side of the country, is a little town called Sierpe. After Palmar Norte, a decent sized town (in terms of Costa Rica) with grocery stores, hardware stores, restaurants…

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