Surfing Jaco 101: The Room2Board Left

07 Feb 2016 Posted by Ken Klemens in Surfing

Surfing Jaco 101: The Room2Board Left. As a volunteer at Room2Board, every new morning in Jaco provides us with a new option for a perfect day in paradise. After breakfast some of us go to work, choose to go for a hike, do some yoga,…

Party Time in Jaco

15 Jan 2016 Posted by Susan in Party, Pura Vida, Traveling

If it’s a Saturday night in January, or any other month during high season chances are Pablo Nunez will be at Room2Board getting the party going.  You will definitely not be disappointed – DJ Spot as everyone calls him, gets R2B rocking and dancing.  When Spot…

Ten phrases you need to know in Spanish

26 Oct 2015 Posted by Alex Wardlaw in Jaco, Tours, Traveling

 Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica. While many people in Costa Rica speak English, particularly in tourist heavy spots, knowing a little Spanish is not only polite, it’s sometimes downright necessary. I sat down with the man helping to catch the Room2Board staff…

Friday Farmer’s Market in Jaco

14 Sep 2015 Posted by Alex Wardlaw in Food, Traveling

It’s my fourth day at Room2Board and I’ve hardly left the hostel – there have been so many amazing people to meet and things to learn! Today, I decide to break the trend and start my day by venturing out to the local farmer’s market….

Jaco Night Life Guide

20 Jul 2015 Posted by Andreas Raabe in Jaco

Many travelers come to Room2board to party and have a good time. We often get asked what to do after it dark and about the Jaco night life scene. So this is a little Jaco nightlife guide for you guys out there! First thing you…

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