Travel Blogging, Life After Working in a Hostel

19 May 2015 Posted by Susan in Traveling

  Anyone who has visited Room2Board this past year has had the pleasure to meet Kevin.  He was instrumental in helping make Room2Board the place it is today.  He is now traveling Central and South America with the dream of travel blogging.  Here is the latest installment…

Volunteering at a Hostel – Meet Caleb

14 May 2015 Posted by Susan in Traveling

The first group of volunteers at Room2Board all seemed to be from the University of Vermont.  My son, Bronson, graduated from there in 2012 and all his friends seemed to think Room2Board would be the perfect first “job”.  Caleb joined the staff in November and we are…

Working at a hostel: Behind the Scenes

27 Apr 2015 Posted by Susan in Traveling

To the right of the reception desk at Room2Board, there is a small office where you can find Carolina busy at work. She started at Room2Board as our General Manger,  just a month after we opened our doors in May. Carolina (or Caro as we…

So You Want to Volunteer at a Hostel

12 Apr 2015 Posted by Susan in Traveling

Ever want to ditch your day job and travel for a while?  Well that’s what some of our Room2Board volunteers have done!  This is the first in a long series (we have a constant rotating group of great volunteers) introducing you to our volunteers at…

One week in Jaco, Costa Rica!

03 Feb 2015 Posted by Ariel Shonk in Fishing, Surfing, Tours, Traveling, Zipline

When you only have one week in Jaco, Costa Rica, it’s important to plan your time well with the best activities available.  I spent a month working at Room2Board in January and had the opportunity to ask some Room2Boarders for some advice and got some great recommendations. Some of…

What’s in your Costa Rica backpack?

29 Jan 2015 Posted by Erin Madden in Traveling

Packing is the worst part of traveling in my opinion.  It’s complicated and quite frankly annoying. When traveling to Central America, you don’t need much.  You can leave all your winter clothes behind (you don’t even need a pair of pants).  Necessities include: shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, a…

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