Hard to say goodbye. Life after volunteering at hostel

Top this: Life after Volunteering at a Hostel

Posted by Susan in Traveling 27 Mar 2015

Wyatt arrived at Room2Board last March. He was our second long term volunteer at R2B. Wyatt was a good friend of my son’s at the University of Vermont. When I asked my son, Bronson about him before hiring him, he described him as “crafty”. Okay, I thought not really knowing what that meant. Wyatt’s craftiness was quickly unfolded to us. He immediately got to work building and improving R2B.  He started with building the beer pong table (big hit). Then new room signs for all of the dorms and the corn hole game. But his biggest achievement was the Room2Board Surf and Tour Shop. He built the bench, the hat rack and all of the signs and boards. Pretty impressive. I would agree with the characterization of “crafty” now.

Surf and Tour Shop at Room2Board

Surf and Tour Shop at Room2Board

Sam, Wyatt’s cousin was down visiting him in June and wanted in on the fun.  He showed up in September and immediately joined the R2B crew working at the front desk.  He did a great job greeting so many of you who have joined us this past fall.

Now they are off on their next adventure.  Wyatt bought a land rover and fixed it up to travel through central America and on to California (where he hopes to sell it).  Their only goal is fun and make it to their cousin’s wedding by the end of June in Northern CA.  They are going to be documenting their adventure on this blog.

Here is the first installment of Latin Yellow Sticks.  Have fun Wyatt and Sam and stay safe (that’s the momma in me talking).

Introducing Bessie, Our New Traveling Home

Hello! Wyatt Fowler and I will be traveling through the entirety of Central America (excluding Panama) in a 1976 Land Rover who has been dubbed Bessie. Our starting point is Jaco, Costa Rica, where we have been working at Room2Board Hostel and Surf School for some time now, and we will cross our final boarder into California, USA. We will be following the Pacific Ocean, sleeping in the car and on beaches, and surfing as much as possible. Our only formal plan is to track down Benjamin Middleton, a fellow ex-employee at Room2Board, who is rumored to have settled in an El Salvadorian fishing village. We will be departing this afternoon, stopping in Tamarindo, a Costa Rican surf town, for the night and then hopefully cross the boarder into Nicaragua sometime tomorrow. Bessie has been outfitted with sleeping platforms (both inside and on the roof) fashioned out of the remains of a ping pong table. The surfboards are strapped to the roof and all of our belongings have been packed into crates and stowed away. Wyatt and I will try to update this blog as regularly as possible, but lack of power and internet while on the road and camping might hinder this effort. We will miss all the friends we made in Jaco, the food, the beaches, and the town, but it is time to move on to the next adventure!

To keep up with Wyatt and Sam’s adventure follow them here.

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