Sweat, Shower, Repeat . . . Life at a Surf Hostel

Posted by Jessie Hamilton in Traveling 06 Jul 2015

A little over a week ago I moved to Jaco, Costa Rica to work at a hostel as a bartender and for a marketing and management internship.


There may be a bit of a misconception that life at a surf hostel is paradise and only a party. Let me clarify, life here revolves around sweating and showering. And repeating.

I wake up, run on the beach (sweat out my existence), shower, hang out at the pool or beach, shower, go to work (drown in my sweat), and shower.

Kidding… well not actually, however working here is far more than that.

I have a poolside view at work everyday (and a building that has some sick architecture).


I get to hang out with cool people from all around the world.


I’m learning to surf again on some of the best waves in the region.

I bike to town to get a fresh strawberry, pineapple, mango smoothie almost every day.


I live with five others in a dorm who make every day and evening an adventure. Like finding this dude on our wall everyday:


Every night is a chance to celebrate someone’s story and adventure around the world.


Nightly sunsets on the beach never cease to amaze me.


And I’m writing this blog in a hammock overlooking the ocean.


It’s an incredible a opportunity to meet people and get to share part of their adventure with them. I’m honored that when people leave Jaco we got the chance to make their stay special and memorable- just like so many have done for me around the world.

This blessing is also a major curse as I’m already struggling watching new and beloved friends leave day after day. A soul just can’t handle this many goodbyes (in continuance with my previous struggles with this).

Returning to Costa Rica came at the perfect time for me as I needed to refresh and refuel. I’m looking forward to the coming few months and the shenanigans to follow.

It’s time to head to work. It’s 2pm and I’m about to take my second shower of the day.

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