Adrenaline Rush Tour at Room2Board

Adrenaline Rush at Room2Board, Best Tours in Jaco

Posted by Room2Board in Hiking, Tours, Zipline 09 May 2015

At R2B we offer many different tours, but we don’t want to sell just any random tour to our costumers. We want to experience it first, to give you guys first hand information about it.

This morning Marina, Junior and Andreas experienced the “Adrenalin Junkie” tour, which included a variation of different zip-lines, a waterfall climb, a rappel or a quick-jump (sort of a mini bungee jump with a little bit of free fall, if you like wish.) and a walk trough the rain forest with many different plants and animals to view.

Best Tours in Jaco

The pick up service arrived at 7:20 am sharp. After a 20 minute drive to the mountain area near Jaco, we were welcomed by a handful of very friendly guides. They hooked us up with some pretty new gear and gave us a quick introduction on how to use the gear on the zip-lines.

Adrenaline RushAfter that, we went of to the gondola, which took us up the hill. During the 10 minute trip, the guide explained a lot about the area and its history. At the top we started right away with a couple of very fun zip-line routes. Number 5 is the longest one (??? meters) and number 6 is the fastest one. The view up there is simply amazing. You are flying above untouched Costa Rican rain forest full of amazing animals and birds. While rushing trough the trees you can look down on Jaco and the sea. Simply amazing!

After the zip-lines we had a little break and then we went to climb the waterfall. As it is dry season right now there wasn’t a lot of water coming down. That will certainly change during green season. There are different routes for different levels of climbing skills. But watch out… it is really slippery with normal shoes on wet rocks. Luckily we all made it.

After the climb there were two more zip-lines followed by the (little) big jump. It’s like a mini bungee jump. You are attached to a rope and jump off of a 30 meter high platform. After a couple meters of free fall you’ll slow down and gently make your way back to the ground. In reality, it’s nothing like a bungee jump, but nevertheless the adrenalin rushes trough your body because you have to jump by yourself.Flying through the air

All this excitement is followed by a bit more relaxing walk through the area where the knowledgeable guide explains a lot about flora and fauna. Also, you’ll get to see different animals like bats, snakes, frogs and spiders.

The tour takes about 3-4 hours in total.

The Room2Board team had a lot of fun and we highly recommend this tour to everybody who isn’t afraid of heights. It’s a lot of fun and at some points a bit challenging; mentally and physically.

We all need a little challenge in our lives once in a while, don’t we?

Pura Vida!!

Marina, Junior and Andreas

About the adrenaline junkies:

Andreas hails from Germany.  Andreas was a guest at the hostel last June and loved it so much he came back to work!

Marina is from Slovakia.  She runs our Surf and Tour Shop.  She teaches surf lessons and can help you set up this tour at R2B.  Marina can get anyone standing up on a board surfing the first time out!

Junior is from Nicaragua.  He is the sous chef in our amazing restaurant.  Poke your head into the kitchen and tell him how much you like the food.

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