Zip-line with Kristin in Jaco, Costa Rica

Posted by Kristin Maul in Tours, Zipline 09 Jan 2014

I went on the Vista Los Sueños Zip-Line Canopy tour this morning with my dad, a tour that we will offer through the hostel. We just wanted to make sure it was “safe” for future Room2Board guests. I had never been zip-lining before and didn’t really know what to expect. I think I assumed the whole thing would take take about 30 minutes and would consist of only one zip-line ride. Boy was I wrong.

Me and my dad at Canopy Tour at Vista Los SuenosThe trip took about 3 hours. We were picked up in a van around 9:30am and taken to the Vista Canopy Tours home base, about 15 minutes away from Jacó. Upon arrival we checked in, signed our lives away, and were fitted with a harness and helmet. We were then given a brief overview and about 20 of us were loaded into a trailer that was hitched to a tractor that drove us up the steep hill to our start point.

Now is when the real fun began. After further instruction we were lined up and hooked to the safety line. Then one by one we were off. The zip-line tour consisted of 11 lines and 12 platforms, each line ends at a platform positioned high in a tree. As you reach the platform an instructor is there to help you break and efficiently hook you up to the next line. There is a bit of lag time at each platform as the people ahead of you are sent off, but it allows you time to rest and take in your surroundings. The forest canopy has an abundance of tropical birds to hold your attention while you wait for your turn.

Upside down dad!  Jaco, CROn the shorter lines we were allowed to stray from the conservative zip-line position (ankles crossed, knees bent, body reclined, with one gloved hand lagging behind you on the line) and opt for something more exciting like hands-free or my favorite… upside down! Though initially a little scary, the instructors were all very professional and kept things fun, safe, and running smoothly. Also, there were several photo stations along the way to capture some of the more exciting moments. Pictures are available for purchase the end.

Whether you are an adrenaline junky or lean towards more relaxing past times, I would recommend the zip-line tour for you. It was just the right amount of excitement mixed with a calm atmosphere in a beautiful setting.

Can’t wait to see you at Room2Board so you can begin your adventure.

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