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Want to Know the Best Tours to Take in Jaco? Meet Krista!

Posted by Jack Quirk in Global Family, Surfing, Tours, Traveling 16 May 2018


(This is a How I Met Your Mother reference FYI – and if you didn’t get it, GO GIVE IT A WATCH RIGHT NOW)

If you want to know the best tours to take in Jaco or the best time to surf – Krista is the person to meet!

Krista is RAD. And Persian. Those are the two words she uses to describe herself. Which, fair enough. She really is Persian. She has piercing green Persian eyes. And her hair is LITERALLY identical to that of a Persian rug. Not kidding. (Okay, maybe kidding). Rad though? Is she really that rad though? Yeah, I guess I’ll vouch for her on that end too. ?

Krista grew up in sunny San Diego. She’s a high school drop out turn college graduate, which she’s V proud of. She considers herself a jack-of-all-trades, since she’s worked “every single job possible” and has “excelled at them all.” She’s also obviously really humble.

Anyways, come 2017, Krista decided she was tired of her monotonous American life-it was time for a change. It was time for a holiday. So she packed up her things and headed down to even sunnier Costa Rica.  Her 10 day getaway very soon turned into a 5 month holiday. **Lots of fun and lots of sun** as she puts it.

She headed back to the States in June, where she then worked for a bit. After deciding that “home” didn’t really seem like “home” anymore, she realized that she should be living in the one place that makes her the happiest- Costa Rica. So once again, she packed her things, said goodbye to the love of her life (her dog), and ventured back to the shores of Jaco.

Krista had friends who were volunteering at R2B, so when a spot opened up at the surf shop, they told her to come on down! And now here she is, five months in at the surf shop and now running the tour shop too. Loving every minute of it.

Best Tours to Take in JacoAs mentioned before, Krista grew up on the beach. She learned how to surf when she was only 7 years old and then surfed into her late teens. Unfortunately to report, she had a major surfing accident which prompted her to give up surfing for 17 years and turn to snowboarding. But now that she’s back in Costa Rica, she is slowly but surely getting over her fear of the ocean and trying to get back up on a board. Regardless, Krista grew up around everything surf related, and she’s here to relay all her surfer expertise onto you!

Her favorite thing about R2B, hands down, is the people. Krista is a social butterfly (a cynical social butterfly, but a butterfly nonetheless).  She loves meeting people from all around the world and hearing their stories.



Other things about Krista:

Krista enjoys long walks on the beach. And just walking in general. She loves watching Netflix and facetiming her baby dog from back home. Her favorite color is seafoam blue. JUST LIKE OCEAN, which she gets to enjoy everyday. She’s a Cancer – which is fitting since she describes herself as “hard on the outside and soft on the inside.” Just like a crab! LOL.  If she could be a tree, she would be a willow tree.  If she could be a vegetable, she would be a jalapeno; because she is spicy. And if she could eat only one thing for the rest of her life, it would be burritos. Her favorite restaurants in Jaco are: Rustico (a classic Costa Rican soda), and Taco Joint (which has burritos the size of your head). She’s also obsessed with coffee and late night talk shows.

Her advice for you: “Don’t let anyone dictate your life. Just do what makes you happy.”

Cliché, but I agree full heartedly. Just do what makes you happy! Side note: becoming a volunteer at R2B will definitely make you happy – think about it!

Anyway, that’s Krista! Come swing by R2B and meet this ~rad~ chica. She’s here to answer all your surfing Q’s, give you advice on the best tours to take in Jaco or just hang out!

Peace, luv, and Pura vida,

JQ (R2B Volunteer)

Feel free to email Krista to find out more about the best tours to take in Jaco or for any advice on surfing at Room2Board.

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