Volunteer in Costa Rica with Nica!

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Ready to volunteer in Costa Rica?  Our volunteers and interns come from all over the world.  Learn more about our program by contacting us.

Meet Nica one of our great volunteers from Argentina who has sadly just left us. Nica se fue :(.

Where are you from?

Argentina, Patagonia, Chubut, Camarones city

How old are you?

What are your hobbies?
Football, surf, and singing and playing the guitar.

What is your favorite travel adventure story?
I went to spend a week in Uvita with my friends from Room2bOard, Caleb and Jonah. We decide do visit the waterfall in Uvita. I realized that you could slide or jump off the cliff so I decided to jump. Caleb went first and then I went after him. When I went to jump I slipped and literally thought I was going to die. I was shocked, I hit some water and some rocks. When I resurfaced I didn’t understand anything and I thought I was in heaven- but it was beautiful Costa Rica.
How did you hear about Room2Board?
My friend Maite used to work in 2014 and talked about all these incredible experiences. She gave me the contacts for Susan and Carolina so that I could talk to them about coming here.


What is a typical day of work like?
I wake up in the morning and have the greatest breakfast I have ever had. And then I try to make the guests feel comfortable here. I hope that one of my friends come to the desk and hangs out with me and then I wait for the high tide after my shift. In the dorm room at night I play my guitar and usually make my friends laugh.
What is the best part of volunteering at R2B?
The staff. Sharing the staff room, hanging out the staff, and waiting for Wishbone on Thursday night. We all go out, even the person who has the next morning shift- which is usually Dave.


And be truthful, what’s the worst part?
Working the morning shift hung-over.


How has your time in Costa Rica changed you?
I feel more open-minded. I try to see life differently than before I came here. And now I have a lot of new friends in my life. I never could have imagined it would be so great.
Funniest memory of Room2Board?
I have a lot of funny memories here, but I’ll choose two. My first Saturday night here was Lucho and I’s first shotgun ever. Also, when we go surfing at it’s a lot of closeout waves. I think I spend more time underwater than I do actually surfing.
What is your favorite meal at Chili Guaros (Room2Board restaurant)?
Pizza and the Pork/Beef Special.


What would you recommend to guests to do in Jaco?
If you’re in Jaco: hike to the mirador, surf, and Wishbone on Thursdays.
If you could sum up Costa Rica, Jaco, and Room2Board in one sentence what would you say?
Ahhhohhhaaaa. The place you want to be more than you can imagine.

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