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Posted by Andreas Raabe in Jaco 20 Jul 2015

Many travelers come to Room2board to party and have a good time. We often get asked what to do after it dark and about the Jaco night life scene.

So this is a little Jaco nightlife guide for you guys out there!

First thing you need to know is that Jaco has certain parties in certain locations on different nights of the week. A bar or club that is totally empty on a Saturday night might be packed with people partying on Wednesday. That is a pretty common thing for Costa Rican towns.

A good place to start the party for our R2B guests is of course the R2B bar.

We have a happy hour from 5-7 pm and the music is pumping at the bar. It can be a bit slower during the week (in green season), but during the weekend there is always a good crowd around ready to have fun. So even if you travel by yourself, our R2B bar is the spot to meet people and form a party squad for the night. You will always find someone to go out with and of course the Room2Board staff is always happy to show you the town.

Campfire at Room2Board

Campfire at Room2Board

Our staff will organize pub-crawls for you and show you around.  If one is not planned, just ask and we can get it going!

Pub Craw - first stop Green Room

Pub Craw – first stop Green Room

After leaving R2B the “Swell Bar” is a really nice place to warm up. It is a small local bar with a pool table and some foosball tables to have a game or two.  As it’s a local bar this is also a really good place to get in touch with the locals.

Monday is usually pretty slow, except for one location. Orange Pub will be packed, as it is local night on Mondays. Even in low season this is the place to go on Mondays as all the locals, surfers and tourists go there to get a couple of drinks which are not too pricey.

Tuesday is another night with limited options. Nevertheless, Riosis Bar has a decent party crowd and is playing Pop music and some Latino stuff.  They serve good food and pizza and also have some special deals on beers.

Monkey Bar is another option for Tuesdays, but usually later at night. They play Latino music and often the crowd moves from Riosis to Monkey later on in the night.

Wednesday is Jaco Blu night. Caleb’s favorite night 😉 As it is ladies night, ladies get to drink for free. Jaco Blu is a nice beach club located in the north end of Jaco. There is always a good crowd between 10:30 pm and 3 am and this is definitely the place to be on any Wednesdays night. You can fill your drinks into plastic cups and have a “walk” on the beach if you want to 😉

Thursday it starts to get a bit busier in town. Start the night at Los Amigos ladies night with DJ support. Later on you can move to Monkey Bar, Orange Pub or Le Loft. Le Loft will be open when everything else is already closed.

Friday gets very fun in the town. As Jaco is the biggest beach town in Costa Rica and not far from San Jose, many locals from the near by areas come here to spend a weekend at the beach and to party.

Start out at Los Amigos for a late dinner or pregame. Orange Pub has ladies night and is therefore pumping later on in the night. Monkey and Le Loft are other options. Le Loft will be your place of choice when all the other bars close down.

Saturday, you’ll have the freedom of choice. Almost every bar or club will have a good crowd ready to party. The day starts off early with the surf contest in front of Backyard Bar in Playa Hermosa. It starts around 4 pm and even when it’s finished there is a DJ or even some live music. After the contest just grab a drink at R2B, then head out to Los Amigos a nearby sports bar with some music pumping after 10 pm. After that, head to Swell, Orange, or Le Loft. All of these locations will have a good party. A good alternative to Orange Pub is Lora Loco. It’s located 50 meters north of Orange, above the pizza shop.

Sunday starts of with a nice pool party at Jaco Blu. Chill in the pool and listen to different DJs. Later on you can go to Los Amigos and watch some sports and grab a bite. After 10 pm Monkey Bar is on and later on you can finish the night at Le Loft.

Then it starts all over again.

When you are traveling by yourself and you are not sure where to go to just come down to the R2B bar and round up a group of people. There are almost always people going somewhere (especially the staff).

And a general piece of advice is not to walk by the beach at night and stay close to the main road when you are walking. Or you just take a cab to wherever you want to go. (It’s no more than $2 to go anywhere) It’s always a good idea to walk in groups.

And always bring your ID or a copy of your passport with you. Most places in Jaco ID everyone.

So have fun in Jaco at night. I hope this little guide is helpful for you. But if you have any questions regarding nightlife in Jaco, don’t hesitate to ask our staff. Most of them are nightlife experts 😉



Pura Vida!  Enjoy this video from recent night at Room2Board.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci3x93wsWsE&w=500&h=375]

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