Hidden Waterfalls Near Jaco, Costa Rica

Hidden Waterfalls near Jaco

Hidden Waterfalls Near Jaco, Costa Rica

Posted by Chris Riordan in Hiking, Jaco, Tours, Traveling, Volunteering 02 Jul 2017

A must see hike not too far from Jaco is near Pueblo Nuevo. It’s a bit hidden, and I never got a clear name on the trail, but it is a great venture for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. From Room2Board Hostel and Surf School, the hike is only about a ten to fifteen minute drive.

Hidden waterfalls near JacoTo get to the entrance you need to take a car. I drove, but a cab would probably only be seven to ten dollars. The hike itself is about an hour, depending on how many times you stop to take pictures. We didn’t see too much wildlife, but there is plenty of green to be seen and the sights are still beautiful.

I spent the day with Brian, the owner of Room2Board, and his friend David. We brought Brian’s dog, Ella, AKA Wolverine. Ella had an amazing time smelling fresh plants, running off leash, and living the Pura Vida lifestyle. I felt that it was nice to go with people who had been before because they knew how to get to the trail and where the end destination was. That being said, if you take a cab and can find your way to the entrance, the rest of the hike is pretty straightforward. You may run into some people who live on the way out in the middle of nowhere, too!

Be prepared to get wet! Part of the experience of the hike is taking a plunge into the cold water when you arrive at you destination, a few small waterfalls that pour into each other with small pools to cool down and relax in. The water wasn’t too deep when we got there (and it was very cold), but I have heard during the heavier part of the rainy season you can jump into the pools of the waterfalls. Also, if you are going during the wet season, chances are you will be crossing through the river many times (it wasn’t too deep when I went, but enough to get your shoes pretty soaked). At first I was hesitant to cross, but towards the end I was walking straight through the middle of the stream.

If you are not in great shape, no worries. I felt that this was a pretty easy hike. For the most part, it’s very flat with no hills. The hardest part is keeping your balance on the rocky surface. The hike itself is only around two miles there and back, more or less, and it is nice to be able to jump in some water to rinse off all the sweat from the heat and humidity.

Enjoying the waterfallMake sure you bring some water, clothes that can get dirty, and shoes you don’t mind getting wet (but that you still feel comfortable walking it). I would recommend trying to time it out so that you don’t get caught in a rainstorm in the middle of your hike, but a little rain also never hurt anybody!

Go with some other guests or volunteers at the hostel! Everyone here is looking for adventure and new experiences, and while you may enjoy this hike just as much on your own, if you go with a small group you may make friendships throughout the rest of your stay here in Costa Rica.

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