Volunteer in Costa Rica with Ian

Posted by Jessie Hamilton in Global Family, Jaco, Pura Vida, Volunteering 29 Jul 2016

Meet Ian our newest volunteer in Costa Rica at Room2Board.  We have a great volunteer and internship program here.  Our volunteers work 24 hours/week in exchange for a bed in the 6 person staff dorm.  Plus they get free breakfast and 50% off additional meals.  And the best part is they can use the surf boards and surf the other 144 hours of the week!!!  If you are interested in learning more about it contact us.

Where are you from?
I’m from Los Angeles, CA

How old are you?
I’m 22

What are your hobbies?
I play guitar, surf, and learn


What is your favorite travel adventure story?
The one I’m starting

How did you hear about Room2Board?
I found room2board online looking for a place to do work exchange

What is a typical day of work like?
I typical day of work is pretty mellow behind the reception desk taking care of interesting people from around the world

What is the best part of volunteering at R2B?
The best part of volunteering here for me is being close to the beach

And be truthful, whats the worst part?
The worst part is worrying about how much money I have to spend

How has your time in Costa Rica changed you?
It has made my spanish better, made my skin darker, and my body in better shape


Funniest memory of Room2Board?
Losing my trunks at the beach

What is your favorite meal at Chili Guaros (Room2Board restaurant)?
My favorite meal is the pizzas

What would you recommend to guests in Jaco?
I would recommend to stay for longer

If you could sum up Costa Rica, Jaco, and Room2Board in one sentence what would you say?
“I’m kind of hoping I don’t ever go home, there ain’t nothin to fill it up” (queens of the stone age)

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