Waterfalls in Costa Rica

Waterfalls in Costa Rica

Posted by Caleb Brabant in Tours 09 Jun 2015

Three staff members tested the waterfall tour at Room2Board.  We wouldn’t want you to do it unless we gave it the thumbs up!  Caleb, Marina, and Argenis had a blast exploring the waterfalls in Costa Rica on this tour. Here is what they had to say:

Depart Room2Board:  7am or 1pm (check the tide board so you don’t miss surfing for the day!)

Duration: 4 Hours,

Includes: guide, transportation & fresh fruit

What to bring: Swimsuit, towel, comfortable clothes (ready to get wet), secure shoes & camera

What to expect when exploring the waterfalls of Costa Rica

The tour pick-up service arrived at 1pm and we were taken in a 4X4 vehicle on a gorgeous ride  up a mountain road, over 2000 feet! After about 30 minutes of driving, we arrived at our tour destination. The tour was set in a section of rainforest with over ten different waterfalls. The first one we came to, was the largest and had 2 pools that we could swim in- one at the bottom and one at the top. In order to get to the upper pool, we had to use a line of rope attached to a tree, which  provided us with stability as we walked to the top of the waterfall. After spending 15 minutes or so at the first waterfall, we adventured through the forest to the next set of falls. The walk took about 5 minutes, including stops along the way as our guide, Christian, pointed out and offered information about various trees and insects. We then came to the bottom of a series of waterfalls and began our ascend. We climbed from waterfall to waterfall, swimming in each pool that we passed. Most were quite shallow, but it was nice to stand under the falls and let the water rush over you. One pool however, was deep enough to jump into, so we spent a solid 20 minutes or so taking turns jumping (from about 10 feet up) into this pool. Once we reached the top of the series of falls, we trekked back to the first waterfall of the tour, where our guide cut up some delicious pineapple for all of the tour participants. What a great way to end the afternoon!


-While I enjoyed this tour, I did not find it to be as exhilarating as I would have preferred; it was much more of an explorative experience than one that will get your heart pumping. Therefore, if you are one seeking something that will provoke a serious adrenaline rush, this tour may not be for you.

-While this tour may not be one for a serious adrenaline junkie, those participating should still be physically fit and have good balance. Much of the tour involves walking up slippery, rocky inclines; sometimes you even need to use a rope to help yourself up to certain waterfalls, which requires some decent upper and lower body strength.

-Your feet will be getting wet. That being said, I would still recommend wearing running shoes (which is what we all wore), however some type of waterproof shoe would probably be best. NO SANDALS!

Hope this provided all you adventure seekers with sufficient information to prepare for this tour!

Pura Vida!

Marina, Argenis, and Caleb

Here’s another video:

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