A Traveler’s Oasis: Life at a Costa Rican Hostel

Posted by Kevin Baranello in Traveling 01 May 2014

A Dense Jungle

I’ve been living at Room2Board, in Costa Rica for over 3 months now, and it has been an exciting time. While living in Jaco, which is a small town, but bigger than most others here in Costa Rica, you can really get a feel for the environment that you’re in. From the tropical sand beaches and into the heart of the jungle, Costa Rica’s effortless beauty is something out of this world.

Here at the hostel we are situated just slightly outside of the center of town. This works in our favor for several reasons, but one of them being that we actually get to spot some wildlife, its not a rare occasion either; every day we see macaws or other exotic birds scouring the skies, or lizards, frogs and crabs crawling around our property. Never a dull moment. Every direction you turn there is life.

I’ll list off a few things that I’ve seen over the past few months near the hostel that stand out:

-Ant highways cutting through dense brush, I followed one for a quarter mile onceMacaws flying above R2B
-Baby hummingbird that had fallen from its nest and struggling on the ground; we tried to find a safe place for it, but nature  may have ran its course this time
-Sting rays breaching the water; this is a mating ritual for males to impress females
-Sailfish surfing through the waves
-An Africanized bee swarm; thousands of angry bees buzzing around; glad I wasn’t too close
-Birds catching huge bugs; this happens just about every day by the pool… It’s fun to watch
-Owls flying overhead on the rooftop terrace and perching in nearby trees at night
-Giant hawks catching small rodents or iguanas by the river that’s right next to us
-Dolphins playing in water
-Macaws flying around just about every day

I’ve had endless encounters with nature, and it never ceases to amaze. The tropical climate of Costa Rica is a perfect platform for life and growth. Just keep your eyes open and you can see for yourself.  Check out our reviews on Hostelworld and Trip Advisor, then book your reservation at Room2Board, our Costa Rica Hostel. Stay for a few days, a week or longer – there’s plenty to do and see!

You never know where you'll spot wildlife here

You never know where you’ll spot wildlife here

  • Diane evans June 6, 2014 at 8:52 pm / Reply

    This place is amazing!! I came by myself from North Carolina and it is a treasure. I would say tonight but intend to stay much longer. Coolest place I’ve ever been!! Thank you to the owners who made an affordable beach stay!!

    • Susan June 24, 2014 at 7:22 pm / Reply

      Thanks Diane! We enjoyed getting to know you too! Hope to see you back soon.

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