Bamboo Bass Festival in Jaco, CR

Posted by Jack Quirk in Jaco, Party 25 Feb 2018

Ah, Bamboo Bass Festival in Jaco CR. What. An. Experience. Going to the actual festival was one experience. Working through all the pre and post festivities: ay, yi, yi – stamina needed to survive.

The Bamboo Bass Festival in Jaco, CR was founded in 2015. A bunch of crazy, passionate, music goers (from Canada, might I add) thought it’d be a rad idea to mix their love of travel and adventure with their fervent love for Bass music. Bamboo Bass Fest became the result.

For the past three years, this fest has epitomized everything “bass”. And what’s better – you get to experience all of this in the ever so luscious jungle of Costa Rica. The fest also showcases a lot of musical talent from all over Costa Rica, giving it an authentic vibe throughout. But no worries to all those die hard Bass fans out there. The fest hosts some of the biggest Bass artists from all over the world.Bamboo Bass Festival in Jaco CR

Bamboo Bass Festival in Jaco CR takes place over three days. It starts midday Friday and ends early Monday morning. While the fest is truly a magical experience in itself, the week leading up to the Fest is just as fun. Exactly one week before, a myriad of fun-loving festival junkies checked into Room2Board. Most were volunteers for Bamboo, who were helping with stage set up, ground maintenance, or artwork. They partied by day, and worked by night – which makes sense seeing as it’s hotter than hell come midday. The other festival goers, they partied all day AND all night. Hula hoops were abundant, colorful hair the norm. Friendships were forming, while mimosas were flowing. All in all, the week leading up was basically a 5 day pool party pregame. Not a shabby way to spend the week. So if you’re looking to come next year, my recommendation is to definitely come a couple days before. PLUS you’ll have more time to experience everything else Jaco has to offer (check out our other blog posts for fun things to do around here)!Bamboo Bass Festival in Jaco CR

Friday (Bamboo Bass Festival in Jaco CR day 1) rolls around, and the party goers start getting it together. Outfits are very important at this fest. Think strange, colorful, skimpy. Think bedazzled turkey hats. Think glitter. LOTS of glitter. Now put together an outfit in your head incorporating all of that, and you’ll fit right in. 😉

The fest, itself, is LIT (literally). There are two stages and PLENTY of performances to keep you entertained throughout the night. Fire dancers, light performers, hula hoopers, aerialists, etc. Artists of all kinds work on their murals to help set the festival *ambiance* too. If you’re a three day festival goer, you’ll definitely be able to watch the progression of these murals, which is dope to see. Other than that, it’s just lots of dancing, lots of partying, and lots of FUN.

So if you’re into bass music and outdoor fests, Bamboo is a must. The whole hostel is crazy busy every day, but it’s kind of beautiful to watch everyone who comes here grow into a family. After all, the whole fest is about ~inclusion~ and a deep love for everything Bass.

Post Bamboo festivities are definitely quieter than the week preceding, but it’s still pretty fun. The guests unwind by the pool or beach, and continue to mimosa it – in a more relaxed manner though. And then BOOM, all of sudden it’s over. The festival goers dwindle out, and the hostel atmosphere goes back to its norm. Until the next Bamboo, folks.

Bamboo Festival Jaco, CR

Bamboo Festival Jaco Crew at Room2Board

Recap: Bamboo is lit. If you’re going to come next year, come early. That being said, also BOOK EARLY. Last, find a turkey hat, bedazzle it, and then wear it every day. Because por que no?

Peace & LOVE,

JQ (R2B Volunteer)


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